I have spent many months figuring this mala out. Its energy comes from eight different semiprecious gemstones in which I have picked especially due to their abilities to heal emotional wounds, (a broken heart in particular) and to encourage personal and spiritual growth in the process.

The main stones in the mala are Unakite, Cherry Blossom Jasper, Green Jasper, and Rhodonite. They are all powerful healing stones in dealing with emotional wounds. The UNAKITE gives you the courage in revealing and releasing these wounds while the JASPER encourages you to be honest with yourself in the process. The RHODONITE’S main task in this mala then is to help heal the wounds of the heart. This stone has a reputation for dealing with acts of abandonment and betrayal, as well as being able to see both sides and participants in conflicting relationships.

Of the remaining stones, there is the Rhyolite, Moss Agate and White African Opal. The RHYOLITE I have chosen for its ability of anchoring one in the present, so that the chances are better of that the insights one will get going through a healing process works well in the reality of here and now. The MOSS AGATE is perhaps the most optimistic stone of the Heart Chakra. A stone of new beginnings, it’ll ask you to give love a try one more time. The AFRICAN OPAL is chosen due to its strong grounding abilities, what I find reasonable important in dealing with issues of the heart ;-).

Last but not least the mala is summed up by its FOSSIL-guru-bead. In old days Fossils were sought after as talismans of protection and long life as well as tokens of the cycle of life. This I hope will be its part in this mala as well, as your own talisman and a reminder of the inevitability of the cycle of life, so that you again may embrace change with that feeling of security knowing yourself to be ready, come what may come.

What you buy:
This 108-bead-mala is made of eight different semiprecious gemstones: Unakite, Cherry Blossom Jasper, Rhodonite, Green jasper, African White Opal, Moss Agate, Rhyolite and a Fossil guru bead. In the neck it is held together by sand-colored wood beads with a tinge of apricot, and further down the mala is decorated with Fair Trade Pagsahingin nuts, dessert-colored engineered marble and gold plated spacers. The tassel is made of very fine cotton as well as Rayon Silk, in the colors of green, pink and white sand. It is knotted with the most solid and long lasting Superlon cord in the color of warm eggplant. The length is approximately 22 inches (56cm) included tassel.

The malas I create are purely made for meditation or as helpful companions in your daily life. It is not medication, and should not be eaten as such ;-).

Feel Good:
This mala is allergy-friendly and totally free of nickel, cadmium and lead.

Care and Cleansing:
Crystals are absorbers and transmitters of energy. In order for them to do their work they need cleansing after use.
Clean the stone beads with a well wrung cloth with lukewarm clean water, and leave it in the moon light if possible. You can also cleanse the mala by smudging it or by storing it together with a Carnelian stone over night.
The gold plated spacers do not like rubbing. If needed use a soft gold polishing cloth in order not to wear down the layer of 18K gold.
If you need to clean the tassel, do remember that silk is not particular fond of water. I suggest using a comb in order to release the tassel of dust. Do not clean this mala with Chemicals. If stored properly and taken care of this mala might outlive you!

Placebo or Empowerment
To me crystals are powerful companions during meditations and in my daily doings. They do possess wisdom or connotes wisdom, they do empower me or I imagining they do. Truth to be told; I will never know for sure why crystals have such a positive influence on my life.
What I do know however is that no crystal alone can cure me of a severe chronic disability, or turn a doomed love affair into a happy ending. To be able to see what is possible and what is simply out of the question, is the first amendment in any book of survival-skills. That does not mean I don’t believe in miracles. Miracles are happening every day if you’re asking me! But as the complicated process of creating crystals reveals; miracles do not happen by itself.

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