Welcome :)

You can see various cross-stitch products in my shop. These are postcards, frames, necklaces, brooch etc. I am planning to expand the product range in the future.

All those are produced strictly in smoke-free enviroment. They are all products of rigorous work.

DMC mouline yarn and mostly of high-quality evanweave type fabric are used in products.

Please visit @pixels.on.aida on instagram and https://www.facebook.com/pixels.on.aida/ to see all of my products!

Do not hesitate to contact if there is something you want to ask! My e-mail address is gulce8@gmail.com.

I am living in Bergen. You can pick up your order from the city center if you live here.

Customized orders are welcome:)

You can click “About this Store” for detailed information about payment methods and shipping. Payment by Vipps is applicable.