Paris Facon Magasin

Dear All Guests

Welcome to Paris Facon Magasin!
Paris Facon Magasin is a French internet boutique through arts, fashion and vintage. Paris means city, Facon means make or style, and Magasin means shop in French.

We design flower girls through a sustainable purple World peace. A society to All. The magic word to All, arts and fashion to the masses. Our jewelery is our vocabulary.

It's always our personal style, a smile!

Look for Thor`a unique clothes hangers, my dreams. WATCH out for Thor`s - Paris Facon Magasin booking likes.

Today`s menu to
- share our positive thoughts to All
- share our Universal Love to All
- share our sustainable business profile
- today`s menu through art, fashion, jewelry, music, vintage and LOVE TO ALL.

, favourite is "Imagine" by John Lennon

I believe in a universal force of Love to the wellbeing of everyone and to All, to who he, she or hen wants to be.

Enjoy your dining courtier`s menu.

Love an peace to All