AILIGAS - The Lavvo of Sámi Art

AILIGAS - The Lavvo of Sámi Art

Original acrylic paintings of Liisa Tellervo Pettersdatter Helander who is well known artist in Sámiland.

Acrylic paintings of Liisa Tellervo are often painted under her trips to Sámiland when the sun is visiting Sámi people for the last time before winter time. The sun often makes magical colors on everything and the light is changing all the time which inspires artist to catch the light on canvas.

Liisa Tellervo works on her paintings layer by layer, scraping the surface, adding new layers of paint, removing some paint and polishing the surface in order to make the work look exactly the way she wishes.

Some works of art contain stylized narrative elements and, for example, Sámi symbolism, where as other works are totally abstract.