The Famous Sheep - a crochet pattern in english

Every farm needs a sheep or a flock, so that the sheep dog can keep fit. Here is a crochet pattern of the cutest little Suffolk sheep ever.

The Suffolk breed is easy to recognize with its black head and long ears pointed downwards. It is a sheep which needs a rich pasture and is normally reared together with other farm animals such as pigs, hens, ducks and even bulls. However they also need to keep their eyes and ears open, because rumor has it that there is a fox sneaking around!

This is an offer for one CROCHET PATTERN in printed on paper and NOT the finished toy. The pattern is in English.

This is my very own pattern and therefore one of a kind, easy to follow, with step by step instructions and photos. It requires basic crochet knowledge.

If you prefer, I may even be able to crochet one for you, it`s easy just "convo" me :-)

This is my interpretation of a crochet sheep. This is my pattern, made by me, please do not copy or sell or redistribute this pattern in any way. It is for your personal use.

I hope you will enjoy this project so much, that you will be tempted to try my other patterns as well.

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Digital pattern also available at:

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