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3 different sizes:
small: 115 grams
7.5 cm høy, 5 cm bred
burning time: 30 hrs

medium: 230 g
15 x 5 cm
burning time: 60 hrs

dinner candle: 130 g
26 x 2.6 cm
burning time: 30 hrs

Benefits of beeswax:
- soot free - there are no additives or chemicals, beeswax burns clean and doesn't produce unsightly black soot.

- purifies the air - when burned, beeswax candles produce negative ions which bind with air pollutants (positive ions) and drop to the floor, removing them from the air and leaving it cleaner!

- beeswax picks up the natural honey aroma found in the honeycomb

- Beeswax is completely biodegradable and compostable.

- Unlike petroleum, beeswax is 100% renewable since it's created by bees.

- Beeswax candles burn longer than paraffin and soy candles.

- When burning, beeswax doesn't drip as much as paraffin or soy

- Because of the high melting point of beeswax, the light from beeswax candles is brighter and more pleasant than that from paraffin and soy candles. It's the most similar to natural sunlight!


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