Tina Haagensen

The design stands out with combinations of uncompromising details, cut and high quality.
The collections unite playfulness and tailoring with the finest materials and intricate, hand made details to create timeless feminine pieces with a twist.

Embroidery, embellishments and beading are essential parts of her collections.
The silhouette is often layered and uses a creative mix of vivid colors and patterns that work in a combined friendly mix.

Traditional Folk costumes plays a significant part of the brand's DNA, bringing in elements as volume and details from past times, taken into The Now!

Tina’s passion and past experience within the arena of costume making and styling provides an important inspiration for her collections adding a theatrical and romantic mood to every item.

Her love and appreciation for antique and vintage Japanese kimonos, and the country's both new and old culture in general, also play a strong influence; creating a poetic modern nostalgia.

With 30 years experience from the textile- and fashion business, alongside made-to-order design, the brand Tina Haagensen.

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