Vintage, antikviteter og håndlagde skatter.

byscno is a Norwegian based company, producing and selling Scandinavian design products.

byscno is owned by Nordeide Consult.

byscno aims to offer Scandinavian design, antique and vintage products to customers around the world.

Interior, antiques and vintage
byscno is inspired by the Norwegian heritage and nature.
Truly fascinated by the Scandinavian design.
And totally in love with antiques and vintage.
byscno prefer to work with wood, wool and leather, all genuine and of high quality.

Knitted Norwegian Design
All my knitted items are carefully made with high quality yarn.

Handmade leather products
With soft quality leather I make beautiful and stylish key holders, coin purses, card sleeves and more.

Homemade cards for every occasion
Cards for birthday, wedding, anniversary, Christmas, Easter, Valentines, or just to say hello.


kr 40,-