I'm Alexandra and I invite you to my online store.
10 years ago I discovered polymer clay and since then (with a break of 2 and a half years) I have modeled thousands of pairs of earrings.
Roses and other flowers, many animals and figurines came to life and delighted many customers.
Together we can create a perfect gift for a loved one.
Send me a message with any idea you have and I will try to put it into reality.

Polymer clay is a non-allergenic material, it is very light but strong enough after baking, so it does not break very easily.
But be careful not to keep jewelry in places where dust collects or the sun shines directly.

The mugs cannot be put in the washing machine but can be easily washed with a damp sponge.

I hope you like what I work on and I look forward to your ideas.

I would very much like, in these less happy times, to contribute at least in small part to the joy of creating a unique and personalized gift.