Sewing pattern The Global Gloves, ADULTS

English tutorial! (also available in Norwegian)

New and EASY sewing pattern from FUS design!

The Global Gloves are easy to sew, and you are free to sell gloves made from this pattern. You are also free to just keep them yourself or give them away as gifts.

The gloves are lined, have a slim silhouette around the wrist and are made of stretch fabric.

The gloves are in one size and fit adults (women / menn with slim hands), teens and pre-teens. If you need to make them smaller or bigger, the tutorial tells you how just by removing og adding seam allowance.

Every step is carefully explained and illustrated with photo, so this is a project also for beginners.

The PDF pattern consist of only one page, that you print out in black and white. The tutorial is in color, but you can just keep that digital.

Please ask me if you need some advice in the prosess, I would love to help :)

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