Junk Journal "naked"

These naked Junkies er 17,5 cm in height and 12 cm wide. The outside cover is trifold made of wallpaper sewed on fabric. In the journal i have sewed inn three signatures.
Every signature has a Deco cardstock cover and a mix of different papers like; tea dyed paper, college paper, packing paper, a doily, tracing paper and a coloring sheet in the middle.

The purple with the pink closure has 63 pages you can work on, which 8 of those er watercolor (picture 2-7).
The cupcake has 78 pages to work on (picture 8-14)

OBS: 1 sheet folded in a booklet gives 4 pages to work on!

For any questions don't hesitate to write me. You can do this in Norwegian and English.

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