10 pack Reusable mask - CITEVE certified for 25 x wash at 60º - MEN BLACK

Size; Men
Colour ; BLACK
Quantity. 10 piece

The mask is made in the EU and approved by CITEVE (Portuguese Textile Technology Center) to last for 25 washes at 60º.
We recommend that the mask is used for a maximum of 4 hours at a time

Detailed instructions for use are included

Our mask are;
Developed and manufactured in the EU
Manufactured for High standard and durability
Certified by CITEVE (Portuguese Textile Technology Center) for: 25 washes: EN ISO 6330: 2012
Air permeability: EN ISO 9237: 1995
Particle holding capacity: MI 142 rpm
A layer of fabric * in high quality designed and manufactured exclusively for masks
Very light and breathable
Nose clip for perfect fit
Elastic for easy adjustment to the face
The cloth mask is approved for "general use" and has a performance of at least 70% filtration
* Substance Reference No. 4013/1 complies with the requirements for breathability and particle retention options for masks used in connection with COVID-19 Class 3 - Masks for general use, and the company is authorized to use the seal "Masks COVID-19 approved" according to the declaration of agreement issued by CITEVE on 20 April 2020, based on Experimental Report No 3969/2020 and on "Masks for use in the context of the document COVID-19 - Technical Specifications", published by the Portuguese Directorate-General for Health, INFARMED, ASAE and IPQ on April 14, 2020.

NB. Note that mask is NOT a medical device. We refer to the health authorities' recommendations regarding Covid 19. Mask, combined with distance and high hand hygiene!

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