Lundegaardens Scrunchies with Dandelions - Organic cotton & Natural rubber 2-pack.

Many of the hair elastics you find on the market today are made from artificial and / or plastic-based materials.

At Lundegaardens, we have long searched for a more climate-friendly product and found a delicious natural alternative to the artificially made hair elastics.

Our Scrunchies are therefore only made of organic cotton and natural rubber, printed with color that lives up to GOTS standard.

The hair elastics are biodegradable and do not burden the environment in the same way as a 'normal' plastic hair elastic does.

Lundegaardens organic scrunchies 2-pack, is made of GOTS certified organic cotton and oeko-tex standard 100 - Natural rubber.

Both scrunchies and the packaging are 100% plastic-free and biodegradable.

The elastics are made of the best materials in a beautiful design with prints of fine floating dandelions.

The elastics are strong enough to be used in thick and heavy hair as well.

Diameter approx. 11 cm

Colour; unbleached white eco cotton with black print of floating dandelions.

Outer fabric; 100% GOTS certified organic cotton (Certificate no. See packaging)
Natural rubber elastic that meets OEKO-TEX® 100 standard (certificate no. SHAO 073022)

Washing instructions;

Wash by hand with lukewarm water and a little mild detergent. Avoid bleach and dryers as this will damage the natural rubber band.

Let your Scrunchies dry flat with good ventilation.

The product is handmade, small variations may occur.

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